Measurable Safety
for Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS

Driving the change

of Miles


of Coverage

Physically or Virtually Logging Miles and Associated Disengagements and/or Failure Rates

Successfully Exercising the Scenarios Critical for AV Safety and Extracting the Metrics to Prove It

Foretellix Answers the Toughest Questions
for Autonomous Vehicle Safety

How to Specify it All?
How to think of and enumerate all the possible scenarios and measurement requirements?

When to Use Which Driving Platform?
What scenarios have been covered and not covered across each/all platforms?

Where are You? 
What has been covered and not covered across each/all platforms?

What to do Next? 
How can you adapt and improve testing to contribute the most to the coverage?

When are You Done? 
How do I know when I achieved my safety goals, and what confidence do I have?

Successfully exercise and monitor the 100’s of millions of driving scenarios critical for AV safety, and extract the metrics to prove it

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