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Verifying Driver Assistance & Autonomous Systems

Measurable safety for driver assistance and autonomous vehicles

Foretellix’s mission is to enable ‘measurable safety’ of ADAS & autonomous vehicles, enabled by a transition from measuring ‘quantity of miles’ to ‘quality of coverage’. Foretellix tackles the most challenging barrier to autonomous vehicle deployment – Safety: ensuring the autonomous vehicle behaves properly under all possible driving conditions including edge cases. Foretellix develops intelligent automation and analytic tools to orchestrate and monitor 100’s of millions of driving scenarios including edge cases, providing the confidence required to allow the broad deployment of ADAS & autonomous vehicles and to unleash the full potential of the autonomous revolution.


Foretellix provides safety metrics on how well the 100's of millions of driving scenarios are being covered and by that enables measurable safety of ADAS & AVs. Foretellix introduces Foretify technology which enables two major breakthroughs in complexity management:
1. ’One to Many’: ‘One’ scenario specification to ‘Many’ scenario variants
2. ‘Many to One’: ‘Many’ tests across many platforms to ‘One’ coverage dashboard and metric.
Foretellix’s solution is required by leading ADAS & autonomous vehicle developers, consumers, suppliers, insurance companies and regulators. The solution works with all required driving platforms, including simulators, X-in-the-loop configurations, test tracks and test vehicles.

Founders / Team

Foretellix was founded by a very experienced team of pioneers in measurable verification and validation, who led a start-up to a successful IPO and acquisition, using proven coverage driven methodologies, intelligent automation, and analytics of large data sets for the verification of complex semiconductor products. The team were the pioneers in the commercialization and broad deployment of coverage driven methodologies broadly adopted in the semiconductor industry. They have adapted and tailored their approach for the safety verification and validation of autonomous vehicles.


Foretellix Raises $43 Million in Series C First Closing

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