Join us and
build the future
of Autonomous

Join us and
build the future
of Autonomous

Join us and
build the future
of Autonomous


Making autonomous vehicles safe
can be both rewarding and fun!

Brilliant minds

A top notch R&D team you can learn and grow with. We at Foretellix provide an atmosphere of collaboration and sharing. You can be sure your ideas will make a difference!

Work can be fun!

We are one big happy family! Happy Hours, social events, a pampering cafeteria and all the perks that will make you feel at home.

Work Life Balance

We believe that maintaining the correct balance between work and your personal time with family and friends is key!

Looking at the Bigger Picture

The company was created to do good for our world. We have a mission to help unleash the full potential of the autonomous vehicle revolution and by that safe lives and help the sharing economy.

Senior Software Engineer- Customer Integration

Israel - Tel Aviv

About The Position

Develop and deploy a revolutionary system for qualifying autonomous vehicles and be involved in changing the world…

  • Work closely with the CTO, R&D, and Application Engineering to identify, define and analyze software challenges and design and implement software solutions.
  • Work fully hands-on in coding, debugging, testing, and integrating, using object-oriented and aspect-oriented languages, primarily under Linux.
  • Work directly with customers to find good software solutions to different issues and integrate with real systems at the vehicle and site levels.
  • Design, build and integrate with modern DevOps and cloud infrastructures supporting all testing modes, including SiL, HiL, and vehicle testing. 
  • Build tools, interfaces, and processes to streamline and automate integration activities
  • Take part in technical meetings with colleagues, partners, and customers; participate in demos for (potential) partners and customers
  • Support other team members and engineers
  • Learn new domains, tools, and languages


  • A Senior Software Engineer with at least 5 years of experience in object-oriented software development and programming (OOD-OOP).
  • Proficiency in developing significant native Linux software using C++
  • Experience working with multiple programming languages, toolchains, and operating systems
  • Experience working with Docker
  • Experience working closely with customers
  • Experience integrating and troubleshooting software components in distributed systems at the operating system, networking, and application levels
  • B.Sc. in Computer-Science /-Engineering with high scores, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experienced in software architecture and algorithm development.
  • Self-learner, highly motivated, self-paced.


  • M.Sc. or above in Computer Science.
  • Previous experience in the automotive industry, particularly AV/ADAS.
  • Experience with Python/Java/JavaScript
  • Working with cloud technologies such as Kubernetes
  • Previous experience in any of the following fields: Middleware, Messaging systems, Containerization, Orchestration, and high-performance computing, Simulators, Robotic systems, DevOps.

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