Foretify LogIQ™

Scenario-based drive log analysis, bridging real-world driving data with virtual simulation. LogIQ identifies scenarios of interest and breaks them down into sequential building blocks, detects edge cases and anomalies, extracts KPIs and coverage, and provides a powerful log visualization tool to expedite and improve development and V&V programs.

Edge cases and anomalies
are automatically identified
based on deep analysis
of driving logs.

Improve debugging
by recreating concrete
real-world scenarios at
scale in simulation.

Extract real-world
driving parameters to
calibrate and optimize
simulation testing.


Scenario-Based Drive Log Analysis

Log Visualizer

LogIQ uses a powerful log visualizer that enables engineers to quickly identify, review and debug sequential scenarios and anomalous events in drive logs. It breaks down complex scenarios to their building blocks using a hierarchical dashboard, and displays pass/fail checks and customizable KPI waveforms to help pinpoint the exact conditions of a problem.

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Anomaly Detection

LogIQ uses a powerful AI-based anomaly detection engine that identifies anomalies not associated with specific scenarios. This capability can help development teams to detect and debug rare, unexpected behaviors of objects, actors, and the System Under Test (SUT) and identify missing KPIs and checks for future testing.

Unified V&V Platform

LogIQ is part of the Foretify Platform

LogIQ is seamlessly integrated with the Foretify Safety-Driven V&V (SDV) Platform to deliver a comprehensive V&V flow that combines real-world test drives and virtual simulation in one platform, using standard tools and following Foretellix’s proven SDV methodology.


By exposing more bugs, edge
cases, and unknown unknowns
early in the development cycle.

Reduce the Cost
of Testing

By automating the creation
of meaningful tests and
monitoring of results.

Reduce Time
of Deployment

By utilizing proven intelligent
methodologies guided by
metrics and analytics.

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