Foretify™ LogIQ

Maximize the utilization of drive logs using the industry first scenario-based drive log analysis tool. Accelerate your AV and ADAS program by bridging real-world driving and virtual simulation. 

Scenario-Based Drive Log Analysis

LogIQ identifies scenarios of interest and breaks them down to sequential building blocks, detects edge cases and anomalies, and extracts KPIs and coverage metrics from drive logs.

Anomaly Detection

Detect and debug rare, unexpected behaviors of objects, actors, and the System Under Test (SUT) and identify missing KPIs and checks for future testing. LogIQ uses a powerful AI-based anomaly detection engine that identifies anomalies not associated with specific scenarios. 

Log Visualizer

Quickly identify, review and debug scenarios through their sequential building-blocks and anomalous events. Pinpoint the exact conditions of a problem using pass/fail checks, customizable KPI, and signal traces. 

Bridge Real-World Driving and Virtual Simulation

LogIQ is seamlessly integrated with the Foretify platform to deliver a comprehensive V&V flow that combines real-world test drives and virtual simulation in one platform, using standard tools and following Foretellix’s proven SDV methodology.

Re-simulate real-world scenario

Recreate concrete and abstract
real-world scenarios in simulation for improved debugging and faster
bug-fixes turn-around time.

Extend drive logs in simulation

Generate many variations of concrete physical scenarios in simulation using the Foretify Manager and Foretify Core’s constrained-random test generator.

Optimize simulation with real-world data

Use extracted real world driving parameters to calibrate and optimize simulation testing.

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