Verification & Validation

Address the largest safety challenge and enable large-scale deployment of Automated Driving Systems and ADAS.  Integrate the safety, development, and V&V activities, follow the latest ADS safety standards, and deliver evidence to support the safety case.

Safety Case

Close the safety case rapidly and effectively

Time to Market

Ship earlier and continuously improves safety post deployment

ODD Expansion

Expand ODD faster with automatic map adaptation

SDV Methodology

Reference methodology that can be tailored to every use case, organization, and culture and helps integrate the safety, development, and V&V activities.

SDV Guide

The Safety-Driven Verification & Validation guide provides an overview of ADS safety challenges, a summary of relevant safety standards, a concise description of the novel technology required to address the safety challenges, and a robust methodology with a goal of achieving acceptable safety

Designed for latest safety Standards

Pragmatic tools for confirming with the latest safety standards including ISO 26262, ISO 21448, ISO 34502, UL 4600, IEEE 2846, and UNECE regulation 157

Minimize hazardous and unknown scenarios

The Safety-Driven V&V solution helps to reduce the overall hazardous scenarios and unknown conditions following the ISO 21448 (SOTIF) standard recommendations.

SDV Strategic Consulting

Foretellix V&V and Safety experts support executives at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV developers to take their processes and technology to the next level and achieve best-in-class safety-driven V&V capabilities.

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