The industry first Coverage Driven Verification and Validation platform for Automated Driving Systems, supporting on and off-road ODDs.

Using hyper-automation to generate the millions of tests required to ensure safety and productivity and the coverage driven verification big data to prove it. Exposing bugs, edge cases and unknowns faster, reducing costs and time to market.


Coverage Driven Verification

Foretify™ includes:

One to Many

One Behavioral Specification of Scenario Categories May Represent 100s of Thousands of Scenario Variations

Specifications are Human Readable and Can be Easily Audited, Adapted, and Augmented

Only Scenario Specification that Can be Easily Extended and Morphed for New Operational Design Domains (ODDs)

Many to One

A Hierarchy of Monitors Aggregates Coverage Data from 100s of Millions of Scenario Variants

Coverage Holes are Identified and Highest Impact Tests are Ranked Using Causal Analysis

% Coverage of Any Level in Scenario Category Hierarchy is Measured and Reported via Annotation of the vPlan

The Coverage Driven Verification Flow

Powered by Foretify™

  • Define a verification and coverage plan for all scenario categories (for example complex lane changes, sensors faults, weather conditions and more)
  • For each scenario category use an open, high level scenario description language to define scenario behaviors and their measurable coverage requirements including the mixing of scenario categories essential to reach the challenging edge cases
  • Automatically generate 100’s of millions of meaningful core + edge cases scenarios, coverage monitors and graders
  • Analyze the results
    • Measure coverage of each scenario category in the verification plan
    • Identify coverage holes in each scenario category
    • Rank tests according to the contribution to coverage
    • Evaluate the grading of scenarios according to different metrics (comfort, safety buffers, rules etc.)
    • Much more…
  • Iterateadapt, refine and improve the coverage results to reach the desired safety confidence level

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