Foretify™ Platform

The leading safety-driven
Verification & Validation platform

Foretify is used by engineers at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV stack providers to accelerate the development and deployment of safe Automated Driving Systems and ADAS. Foretify provides a unified V&V flow that combines real-world test drives and virtual simulation in one platform

Increase safety & quality
Identify edge cases and unknowns, and generate evidence to support the safety case.

Shorten time to market
Major shift-left in testing uncovers bugs earlier and accelerates ODD expansion.

Reduce cost
Maximize drive log utilization, and automate virtual test generation and big data analytics.

The Foretify Platform

Foretify Core

Compile and execute OpenSCENARIO 2.0 scenarios to automate testing at-scale using a state-of-the-art constrained-random test generator. Tests are dynamically executed on the System-Under-Test running on your simulator of choice. Foretify Core monitors the system and simulation to compute and track KPIs, checks, and coverage metrics.

Foretify Developer

Develop, extend and debug OpenSCENARIO 2.0 scenarios using an interactive scenario visualizer, parameter tracing, issue tracking, and debug log. Save time with fast scenario preview before running the simulation and execute single-run simulations to review and analyze results.

Foretify Manager

Create and execute metric-based V&V plans, triage, and analyze test results and coverage across virtual simulation and real-world driving. Foretify manager integrates with requirement management tools and helps generate evidence to support the safety case.

Foretify LogIQ

Maximize the utilization of drive logs using the industry first scenario-based drive log analysis tool. Accelerate your AV and ADAS program by bridging real-world driving and virtual simulation.

Foretify V-Suites

Start your V&V project using the industry’s most comprehensive V&V libraries written in OpenSCENARIO 2.0 to enable automatic generation of millions of test scenarios. V-Suites provide predefined test plans, abstract scenarios, maps, coverage metrics, KPIs, and checkers.

The Foretify Virtual Validation Flow

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