The leading safety-driven Verification and Validation (V&V) platform. Foretify is used by engineers at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV stack providers to accelerate the development and deployment of safe Automated Driving Systems and ADAS. Foretify provides a unified V&V flow that combines real-world test drives and virtual simulation in one platform.

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Massive-scale generation of millions
of ODD/Map relevant tests to expose bugs,
edge cases, and unknowns.

Safety & productivity dashboard

Analytics based visualization of the
state of verification and validation

Open Platform, Open Standards

Based on open Industry standards such
as OSC 2 and supporting over 15 testing
platforms and requirements systems.

Foretify™ Overview

Scenario Specification

V-Suites Verification &
Validation Packages

Test Automation

Big Data Analytics

Intelligent Optimization

Foretify™ Platform Products

Foretify V-Suites

Production-grade application-specific V&V packages, including OSC2 scenarios, verification plans, maps, coverage metrics, and KPIs. V-Suites help engineers to jumpstart their V&V projects and boost their productivity. Foretellix offers V-Suites for Level-2 ADAS, Level-3 ALKS, Level-4 Trucking, and Level-4 Mining.

Level-2 ADAS

01-verification plans

Level-3 ALKS

01-verification plans

Level-4 Mining

Level-4 Trucking

01-verification plans

Foretify Manager

V&V management and big data analytics. Foretify Manager enables engineers to create and execute metric-based V&V plans, triage, and analyze test results and coverage across virtual simulation and real-world driving. Foretify manager integrates with requirement management tools and helps generate evidence to support the safety case.


Foretify Developer

OSC2 scenario development and debugging. Foretify Developer includes a powerful visualizer that helps engineers to view and debug single-run test results, including KPIs, checks, and coverage.


Foretify Core

Hyper-scale virtual test generation and execution. Foretify core compiles and executes OSC2 scenarios using a state-of-the-art constrained-random generator. It orchestrates test execution and computes and tracks KPIs, checks, and coverage metrics. Foretify Core is pre-integrated with industry-leading simulators.


Foretify LogIQ

Automated scenario-based drive log analysis to maximize the utilization of test drives. LogIQ identifies scenarios of interest and breaks them down into their sequential building blocks, detects edge cases and anomalies, extracts KPIs and coverage, and provides a powerful log visualization tool. LogIQ enables recreating real-world scenarios in simulation for more efficient debugging and to extend test coverage in virtual simulation.

Validation Flow

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Foretify™ Highlights

Increase quality

by finding bugs, edge cases and unknowns early in the development cycle.

Reduce risk and recalls

that have a high cost of failure and can lead to loss of lives.

Reduce overall cost of testing

by applying automation and goal-based approach to replace inefficient and costly manual methods used for the generation and analysis of tests.

Shorten time-to-market

by utilizing proven methodologies that allow for a productive and systematic approach to manage the infinite space of scenarios and converge faster to test completeness.

Provide full visibility

of where the testing process is by using a unified dashboard and a measurable, quantifiable metric-driven approach for all testing platforms.


across maps and ODDs with minimal effort.


(off-the-shelf testing and verification packages)

for ADAS functions such as AEB, LSS, ACC, etc, as well as ODD-specific packages for L4 mining and L4 highway.

Test platform-agnostic architecture

that supports multiple simulators, HIL, test tracks, and street driving testing.
This allows a fully integrative, non-intrusive test management solution and the flexibility to add and replace the different testing platforms according to need.

Full traceability

to requirements system and integration.

Open Platform


By exposing more bugs, edge
cases, and unknown unknowns
early in the development cycle.

Reduce the Cost
of Testing

By automating the creation
of meaningful tests and
monitoring of results.

Reduce Time
of Deployment

By utilizing proven intelligent
methodologies guided by
metrics and analytics.

Foretellix Raises $43 Million in Series C First Closing

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