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Why I joined the Foretellix Board of Directors

Earlier this month, I joined the Board of Foretellix, a company whose mission is to make ADAS and autonomous systems safe. It is no small undertaking, but I am convinced Foretellix is very well positioned to achieve this goal. I wanted to share some of my thoughts and tell you why I decided to join Foretellix on this journey.

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Finding the Unknown Unknowns

The challenge: The growing complexity of automated driving systems such as Lane Keep Assist, Lane Centering and Adaptive Cruise Control challenge existing verification and validation (V&V) methodologies used in the automotive industry. As these systems become more prevalent, bugs surface and failures occur.

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Time to look at Automated Virtual Testing for AV verification

Whether you are working on ADAS and about to move up to more advanced autonomous functions, or working on the long tail of L4 autonomy, one thing is for sure: you are about to face exponential growth in the number of scenarios you need to test in order to get your autonomous product out.

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What The Heck Are We Measuring?

Increasingly, thought leaders and executives within the automotive industry have shared their concerns about the validity of miles and disengagements as metrics for safe deployment of autonomous vehicles, and some have started proposing alternative metrics.

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