Strategic Consulting

Foretellix Verification & Validation (V&V) and Safety experts support executives at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV developers by analyzing and assessing their company’s existing development, V&V, and safety processes. They also provide organizations with clear recommendations for achieving best-in-class safety-driven V&V capabilities in their companies. 


Massive-scale generation of millions
of ODD/Map relevant tests to expose bugs,
edge cases, and unknowns.

Safety & productivity dashboard

Analytics based visualization of the
state of verification and validation

Open Platform, Open Standards

Based on open Industry standards such
as OSC 2 and supporting over 15 testing
platforms and requirements systems.

Foretify™ Overview

Scenario Specification

V-Suites Verification &
Validation Packages

Test Automation

Big Data Analytics

Intelligent Optimization

Validation Flow

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Safety-Driven V&V Best Practices
Consulting Process

Assess current V&V and safety processes, capabilities, and organization

Provide an initial report on capabilities gaps and high-level recommendations

Deliver final report on recommendations for achieving best-in-class V&V

Foretellix V&V and Safety experts can optionally assist projects to implement some recommendations

Strategic consulting offering2


By exposing more bugs, edge
cases, and unknown unknowns
early in the development cycle.

Reduce the Cost
of Testing

By automating the creation
of meaningful tests and
monitoring of results.

Reduce Time
of Deployment

By utilizing proven intelligent
methodologies guided by
metrics and analytics.

Open Platform

Foretellix Raises $43 Million in Series C First Closing

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