Strategic Consulting

Our Verification & Validation and Safety experts support executives at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV developers by analyzing and assessing their company’s existing development, V&V, and safety processes. We provide organizations with clear recommendations for achieving best-in-class safety-driven V&V capabilities.

Ship Faster and Safer

Our V&V and Safety experts can help evaluate your development, V&V, and safety procedures and guide implementing scenario-based testing at scale following the proven Safety-Driven V&V methodology.

Holistic Approach

Achieving safety requires strong alignment across organization, culture, methodology, and tools. Foretellix helps customers understand how to utilize V&V technology and methodology to achieve better alignment and efficiency across functions.

Structured Process

Foretellix offers a practical and structured consulting process, designed to tailor proven methodologies and technologies to your specific challenges and needs.

Assess current V&V and safety processes, capabilities, and organization

Provide an initial report on capabilities gaps and high-level recommendations

Deliver final report on recommendations for achieving best-in-class V&V

Foretellix V&V and Safety experts can assist projects to implement some recommendations

Expert Team

The Foretellix expert team has over 300 years of accumulated experience in V&V of complex systems. Our methodology and best practices are adopted by numerous AV and ADAS providers
world-wide, including Volvo group, Torc – a Daimler Truck subsidiary, and others.

Ziv Binyamini

CEO & Co-Founder

Yoav Hollander

CTO & Founder

Mike Stellfox

VP Product & Customer Sucess

Sharon Rosenberg

Solution Architect & Chief Methodologist

Gil Amid

Chief Regulatory Officer and Co-Founder

Sagar Beher

VP Safety

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