Foretify™ Core

Compile and execute OpenSCENARIO 2.0 scenarios to automate testing at-scale using a state-of-the-art constrained-random test generator. Tests are dynamically executed on the System-Under-Test running on your simulator of choice. Foretify Core monitors the system and simulation to compute and track KPIs, checks, and coverage metrics.

Native OpenSCENARIO 2.0 Support

Describe abstract scenarios in a standard, concise, modular, combinable, reusable, and intuitive language. Translate requirements formally into scenarios, parameters ranges and distributions, constraints, and metrics in a reusable format across maps and various ODDs.

Constrained-Random Test Generator

Reduce the tedious, manual effort of creating tests by automating the generation of an unlimited number of concrete, relevant, and valid scenarios to optimally cover the test space, uncover edge cases and unknowns, and expose bugs. Automatically understand the semantics of the driving domain and choose parameters values consistent with each other, all system constraints, and the laws of physics.

Hyperscale Virtual Testing

Generate and execute the millions of scenarios required to ensure the safety and performance of your ADS or ADAS system. Foretify Core is architected for large-scale deployment in the cloud or on-premises.

Adaptive Scenario Execution

Reduce manual efforts to inspect test validity and save compute resources. Foretify Core dynamically controls scenario execution at runtime to satisfy the scenario intent. All actors are dynamically adapted to the Ego behavior to ensure the scenario intent is met.

Integrated with Leading Simulators

Preserve the investment in your simulator of choice and developed scenarios. Foretify Core is pre-integrated with most industry leading simulators and enables test plan execution across multiple test platforms. It can also integrate with OEM proprietary testing platforms.

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