Foretify™ Manager

Dispatch and manage large-scale test-suite execution. Create and execute metric-based V&V plans, triage, and analyze aggregated test-suite results and coverage for both virtual simulation tests and real-world driving. 

V&V Plan

Capture V&V plans from requirements and risk dimensions. Decompose the requirements to scenarios, coverage goals, KPIs/SPIs, and checks. Trace back test results to requirements and generate evidence to support the safety case.

Large-Scale Test Execution

Manage and run parallel execution of the millions of scenarios required to ensure the safety and performance of your ADS or ADAS system. Client-server architecture supports multi-user access with flexibility to scale test-suite execution in the cloud or on-premises.

V&V Results Tracking

Create a clear summary of test results including coverage and failure rates analyzed over time. Examine trends to assess the maturity of your system and determine when test and performance objectives are achieved.

Bridge Real-World Driving and Virtual Simulation

Measure and compare test coverage, KPIs, and failures across drive log data and virtual simulation in one platform. Easily extend real-world test drives to new test variants in simulation to improve coverage and maximize the utilization of drive logs.

Large-Scale Triage

Efficiently triage a large number of tests and cluster failing tests into manageable chunks that can be analyzed and debugged at a granular level. Compare test suite results to understand the impact of new software releases and zero in on bugs quickly.

Integrated with Requirement Management Tools

Foretify manager integrates with requirement management tools to help trace back test results to requirements and generate evidence to support the safety case.

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