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We are one big happy family! Happy Hours, social events, a pampering cafeteria and all the perks that will make you feel at home.

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Looking at the Bigger Picture

The company was created to do good for our world. We have a mission to help unleash the full potential of the autonomous vehicle revolution and by that safe lives and help the sharing economy.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

- Steve Jobs

Come help us make autonomous vehicles a reality

Location: Israel

What will you do:

  • Develop a revolutionary system for qualifying autonomous vehicles, and be involved in changing the world…
  • As a member of the Generation-Team, develop breakthrough technologies for challenging constrained test-cases generation, for the Autonomous Vehicles domain.
  • Work closely with your team leader and other R&D members to identify, define, and analyze the SW challenges, design and implement SW solutions.
  • Work fully hands-on in designing, coding, debugging and testing, using object-oriented and aspect-oriented languages, under Linux.
  • Tackle and resolve algorithmic SW problems.
  • Contribute substantially in making the development processes within your team more efficient, productive and with higher-quality results.
  • Executing end-to-end projects from high level design to coding including the ability to create a work plan and coordinate execution between different stakeholders in the organization.
  • Learn new domains, tools, and languages.


  • A Senior Software Engineer with over 5 years’ experience in object-oriented software development and programming (OOD-OOP).
  • Proficiency in developing large native Linux software using C++.
  • B.Sc. in Computer-Science /-Engineering with high scores, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Highly skilled in software architecture and algorithm development.
  • Self-learner, highly motivated, self-paced.


  • M.Sc. or above in Computer-Science.
  • Experienced (either at academy or industry) in one or more of the following: CSP/COP/SAT/SMT technologies.
  • Previous experience in any of the following fields:
    • Automotive industry, and autonomous vehicles in particular.
    • Constrained Random Test-Generation.
    • Tools for verification of HW/SW/Hybrid systems.
    • Language / compiler development.

Location: Europe 

Main Activities:

  • Saving lives – be part of the ADAS/AV revolution and help saving lives.
  • Knowledge center – be a center of knowledge within the company to the working procedures, methods, tools and technologies at the ADAS industry.
  • Pre-sale – be a major player in the company’s pre-sales efforts, including building and running Demo’s, and showing presentations.
  • Bridge the gaps – work with the customers on adopting the product, training, helping them addressing issues; work with R&D on address gaps and requirements.
  • Deployment – take Foretellix solution (composed of a product, language, and methodology), and work with the customers on deploying this solution.
  • Support – support installation, integrations, and assimilation of new versions, and/or SW packages at the Customers’ sites.
  • Customers – spend substantial part of your time with the Customers, at their sites.
  • Verification – understand the Customers’ verification pain, translate it into technical terms, and communicate it quickly and clearly to R&D.
  • Scenarios – Write verification scenarios that match the Customers’ needs; when needed, test, debug, simulate and finally – deliver them.
  • Sharing – take a leading role in the bi-directional knowledge transfer between the Company’s R&D and the Customers.
  • M-SDL – Participate in understanding the Customers’ modeling requirements, and in translating them to language constructs requirements.
  • Training – when needed, write Application Notes, Methodology docs, as well as technical presentations.


  • Must be an ADAS/AV domain expert, including Testing and Simulation, as a whole system.
  • At least 3 years of ADAS/AV industry working experience.
  • Knowing, running, and working-with leading ADAS/AV Simulators.
  • Have a considerable knowledge in Software Engineering, including OO programming, testing, debugging and delivery.
  • BSc or above in the areas of Computer Science, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, or other related fields.
  • Have excellent human relationship, communicative and fluent in English, both verbal and in writing.
  • Previous experience as a (Field) Application Engineer.
  • Be willing to travel within/to Europe and USA, to spend part of your time at customers’ sites, about 25%, and to travel to (and stay at) Israel, in order to work with the company’s R&D, all upon short notice.
  • European / Israeli nationality/passport, and a corresponding work permit.


  • Employee in one of the ADAS/AV companies, or one of the companies serving them.
  • Highly proficient in German and/or the Swedish languages.
  • Previous experience as a Product Manager / Methodology Engineer.
  • Knowledge & experience with ADAS/AV verification.
  • Knowledge & experience with advanced verification, and specifically with Specman and the ‘e’ language, and/or SystemVerilog UVM and Coverage Driven Verification.
  • MSc or above in the areas of Computer Science, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, or other related fields.
  • Substantial experience in Software Engineering, including OO programming.
  • Team-player, resourcefulness, professional.

Location: Sweden / Germany

Main Responsibilities:

  • Deployment of the Foretellix solution (composed of a Product, Language, and Methodology) at our leading automotive customers.
  • Effectively engage with new customers including initial demonstration of value proposition through successful evaluations, provide remote and onsite training, support, and methodology consulting.
  • Work with R&D to address product gaps and requirements, leveraging your understanding of both the product customers’ needs, and business landscape.
  • Spend substantial part of his/her time with the Customers, at their sites, primary at the EU, and develop effective relationship with customer stakeholders.
  • Write customer specific verification software, such as scenarios and/or scripts, including coding, testing, debugging and delivery.
  • Write Application Notes, Methodology docs, technical presentations, or any other deployment related collateral.
  • Understand the Customers’ modeling requirements and translate them to language constructs requirements in order to enhance the supported features of Foretellix solution.
  • Lead the bi-directional knowledge transfer between the Company’s R&D and the Customers.
  • Support installation and deployment of new versions, and/or SW packages at Customers’ sites.


  • Solid knowledge and experience in Software Engineering, including OO programming, testing, debugging and delivery.
  • Previous experience in customer related engineering organization, with strong preference to Field Application/Sales Engineering or Services.
  • Fluent in English, Verbal and Written.
  • Outstanding human relationships with strong business acumen.
  • Availability to travel about 25% of your time.
  • Located in EU with strong preference to Northern or Central Europe. Eligible to work in the Sweden / Germany.
  • BSc in Computer-Science/Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.


  • Previous experience with the automotive industry and with verification and/or simulation of cars and/or Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and/or other autonomous systems and Robots.
  • Previous experience with Coverage Driven RTL verification, preferably with Specman (‘e’ language), and/or SystemVerilog UVM.
  • Living in Gothenburg (Sweden), Stuttgart or Munich (Germany).

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