Senior Software Engineer - CloudOps

Brazil · Full-time

About The Position

Foretellix is a world leader in verification of autonomous systems. Our products allow the specification of abstract testing scenarios and execution of them in countless ways against customer autonomous vehicle (AV) software in simulators, to find bugs and validate with a coverage-driven approach.

As a member of the CloudOps team, you will be responsible for developing the software and architecting the systems capable of achieving simulation based testing of ADAS/AV software at scale.

What you will do:

  • Work closely with R&D, Product Management, and Application/Integration Engineering to identify, define and analyze software challenges and design and implement software solutions.
  • Work fully hands-on in coding, debugging, testing, and integrating, using object-oriented and aspect-oriented languages, primarily under Linux.
  • Architect and develop highly scalable software enabling execution of thousands of simultaneous workloads and management of millions of results in the cloud and in private data centers.
  • Design flexible solutions capable of addressing a wide range of use cases and deployment requirements.
  • Build tools, interfaces, and processes to streamline and automate deployment of cloud solutions.
  • Design, build and integrate with modern DevOps and cloud infrastructures supporting all testing modes, including SiL, HiL, and vehicle testing. 
  • Take part in technical meetings with colleagues, partners, and customers; participate in demos for (potential) partners and customers.
  • Support other team members and engineers.
  • Learn new domains, tools, and languages.


  • A Senior Software Engineer with at least 5 years of experience in object-oriented software development and programming (OOD-OOP).
  • Proficiency in developing significant native Linux software using C++ and Python.
  • Experience working with multiple programming languages, toolchains, and operating systems.
  • Experience with cloud technologies, architectures, and operations.
  • Experience working with AWS, GCP, and/or Azure.
  • Experience working with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience working with infrastructure as code technologies such as Terraform.
  • Experience integrating and troubleshooting software components in distributed systems at the operating system, networking, application, and system levels.
  • B.Sc. in Computer-Science /-Engineering with high scores, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experienced in software architecture.
  • Self-learner, highly motivated, self-paced.
  • Communicative and fluent in English, both verbal and in writing.


  • M.Sc. or above in Computer Science.
  • Experience with JavaScript/TypeScript/Kotlin.
  • Previous experience in the automotive industry, particularly AV/ADAS.
  • Previous experience in any of the following fields:
  1. Containerization, orchestration, and high-performance computing
  2. GPU workloads
  3. Database operations
  4. Middleware, messaging systems
  5. Simulators

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