Foretify™ V-Suites

Start your V&V project using the industry’s most comprehensive V&V libraries written in OpenSCENARIO 2.0 to enable automatic generation of millions of test scenarios.
V-Suites provide predefined test plans, abstract scenarios, maps, coverage metrics, KPIs, and checkers.

V&V Plans

Simplify test planning with function-specific extendable verification & validation plans which can be linked to requirements. Follow the test plan to measure progress throughout the project using dashboards and reports.

Scenario Library

Enables automatic generation of millions of meaningful tests designed to challenge the system under test with known and unknown conditions to identify edge cases and expose bugs. Scenarios are reusable across different maps and executable on any simulator.


Built-in maps spanning hundreds of miles designed to challenge the system under test using the scenario library. The map library is seamlessly expandable with customer specific OpenDRIVE maps.

Coverage Goals, KPIs, & Checkers

Measure testing completeness using built-in metrics for measuring coverage of the ODD space. Assess performance and safety using pre-defined KPIs and checks. Coverage, KPIs, and checkers are linked to the V&V plan.


Supporting safety standards and regulations

Standard based to enable test portability and reuse

Used and proven with multiple customers

Based on Collisions, Incidents, &
Disengagements Reports

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