Safety Driven Verification & Validation

For Automated Driving Systems and ADAS

Foretellix’s hyperscale V&V solutions are trusted worldwide to tame the infinite range of scenarios critical for the development and safe deployment of ADAS and AVs.

Safety Driven Verification & Validation

For Automated Driving Systems and ADAS

Foretellix’s revolutionary V&V solutions are trusted by engineers worldwide to achieve safe and large-scale deployment of ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Comprehensive V&V Solutions

The Foretify™ Platform

The Leading V&V Platform

The Foretify platform is used by engineers at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and AV stack providers to accelerate the development and deployment of safe Automated Driving Systems and ADAS. Foretify provides a unified V&V flow that combines real-world test drives and hyper-scale simulation in one platform.

Safety-Driven Verification & Validation

Foretellix addresses the largest safety challenge to enable large-scale deployment of Automated Driving Systems and ADAS. Our methodology and hyperscale technology automates the V&V process and objectively measure the ODD coverage. Our solutions help integrate the safety, development, and V&V activities, follow the latest ADS safety standards, and deliver evidence to support the safety case.

Seamless Integration with Any Simulator

Foretellix offers seamless integration with multiple test execution platforms through partnerships with all major commercial simulators, and with OEM proprietary platforms.


Navigating the AV Industry’s Cost Crisis

Unlock the full potential of intelligent large-scale virtual testing.

The promise of Safety-Driven V&V

'A method of solution is perfect if we can foresee from the start, and even prove, that following that method we shall attain our aim.' -- Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Foretellix Raises $43 Million in Series C First Closing

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Our Partners

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