Foretellix release the world’s first ALKS regulation verification package!

Foretellix and Mobileye demo the new package with RSS and show safety regulation compliance

OpenSCENARIO 2.0 is about to be released with innovative expressiveness and abstraction to fuel revolutionary automation in AV development and V&V processes. We wanted to see if we could use this automation today, to efficiently validate products’ adherence to the recent UNECE level-3 ALKS regulation.

Foretellix announced today its ALKS regulatory solution, and jointly with Mobileye – demonstrated the use of this solution, combined with an RSS controller to verify full system regulation compliance.

Figure 1: a description of the flow

What should you expect from the Foretellix ALKS flow?

  • Efficient scenario creation producing a massive number of tests to accurately capture the ODD’s regulation needs. The scenarios auto-adjust to any desired location or maps, explore the unexpected and unknowns with random intelligent value selections, and are easy to steer to meet user needs using simple spreadsheets.
  • Foretify scenario runtime adjustments monitor the unpredictable autonomous vehicle responses and adjust the other actors’ behavior to meet the user intent. This maximizes the value of each simulation, saves compute and human resources, and shortens the overall verification cycle.
  • Coverage is part of the reporting and a dashboard is presenting what regulation scenarios were actually executed and observed, as opposed to what the test requested. This is especially needed for automation functions like level-3 ALKS where the unpredicted Ego responses may invalidate the test goals.
  • Self-checking scenarios for both the regulatory and RSS rules. The pre-provided checks can be easily refined to meet user needs   

It is important to note that in addition to the ALKS regulation package, Foretellix also provides a more extensive ALKS Verification & Validation package that goes beyond the regulatory needs and validates ALKS devices in multiple prone to error edge cases and unknown conditions such as other maneuvers, various road circumstances, stationary objects (like parked vehicles) and more. A comparison between the two packages is provided below.

Figure 2: The ALKS regulatory vs. the ALKS V&V packages

To learn more about the ALKS regulatory or verification & validation packages please contact us

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